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Engagements are structured to enable the simultaneous achievement of short term, business-as-usual financial and operating objectives, in parallel with the orderly but rapid transition to the desired end state while mitigating for the temporary diminution of business momentum and organizational focus that can occur. A client driven process, an implementation plan in support of a strategy that is aimed at breaking from the status quo, followed by the plan’s execution, are rooted in a candid, mutually supportive assessment of a client’s operating strengths and weaknesses (people, processes and technology), together with cultural and organizational enablers and obstacles.

Assignments can be expected to last from 90 days to twelve months’ time or more, depending on clients’ needs and objectives. Access to the support of subject matter experts with experience in leading and managing sustainable change at core can be provided.

Possible engagement formats include:

Leader:  Interim leadership of a change at core initiative(s).  Leading a team(s) of individuals, focus is on the planning and implementation of key objectives in support of a strategy(s) aimed at breaking from the status quo.  Serving as an interim de-facto employee, primary accountability is to a leader who in turn has responsibility for the enactment of the change at core initiative(s).

Activist: Driving a leadership team’s development of a plan for and rapid implementation of change at core.  As a hands-on facilitator, emphasis is on the enablement of: 1) organization-wide ownership of the “what” and the “why”; 2) the rapid but considered articulation of a plan for transition to the desired end state; 3) measurement, assessment and frequent communications of key milestones; 4) anticipation of and preparedness to course correct in the process of implementation. Primary accountability is to the team leader(s).

Advisor: Shadowing individual leaders. Specific business objective(s) agreed to in advance, emphasis is on assisting individual leader(s) to implement a decision(s) aimed at breaking from the status quo. The focus is on the resolution of a discrete challenge(s) he/she may be grappling with in support of the transition to the desired end state. Primary accountability is to the leader(s) being shadowed.

Board Member: Taking advantage of the founder’s ten years of for-profit board experience in the financial services industry, the last four of which she served as chair, the President of Great Circle Associates is available to serve on boards of organizations that are considering or have adopted change at core strategies aimed at breaking from the status quo.

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