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When Should an Organization Call on the Services of
Great Circle Associates?

The services of Great Circle Associates are suited to large and small organizations experiencing the onset of business and/or organizational inflection points: Those that necessitate the implementation of strategic decisions aimed at breaking from the status quo.

Strategic decisions requiring change at core call for equally strategic planning for and execution of short term, business-as-usual financial and operating objectives in parallel with the orderly but rapid transition to the desired end state. This, while mitigating for the potential of a temporary loss of business momentum and organizational focus.

Our shared nearer term objective: The rapid development and implementation of a client-owned, metrics focused plan in support of a strategic decision(s) aimed at breaking from the status quo emphasizing speed and quality of execution, the avoidance of business interruption and laser focus on short term, business-as-usual financial and operating targets in parallel with the achievement of transitional goals.

Our shared longer term objective: Organizational and industry pre-eminence, manifest by the realization of sustainable change at core as a strategy(s) aimed at breaking from the status quo is implemented.

Examples of change at core assignments that can be supported include: 

charting the path

  • The elimination of operational and organizational redundancies or inefficiencies that have become rooted in an organization through the evolution of its business, or in post merger/acquisition/divestiture situations
  • The need to position an entity for a financial transaction involving a potential change in ownership
  • The launch of a new generation of products, services, and/or distribution channels alongside the orderly wind down of a maturing business
  • The elimination of stresses on an operating infrastructure − human and otherwise − brought on by rapid and sustained revenue growth
  • The need for rapid response in the event of a game changing market development, such as the emergence of a new market entry or the promulgation of regulations
  • The support of individual leaders who have been entrusted with implementation of change at core, and who may be grappling with a variety of challenges, such as:
    • lack of deep experience leading and managing change,
    • difficulty achieving organizational buy-in, a sense of urgency and a willingness to break from the status quo
    • a temporary loss of organizational clarity, focus and business momentum due to the impact of changes in ownership such as mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures

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